Photography Courses & Workshops: Cairns Photography Courses & Workshops

Cairns Photo Courses is run by pro photographer Andrew Watson and offers a range of photography courses, tours and photo workshops for photographers of all levels and interests.
Cairns Photo Courses

Cairns Photography Courses 

Photo by: Andrew Watson 

Andrew also runs Cairns Photo Courses, offering photography courses & workshops for all levels. We offer these courses at a Cairns location, but we can also arrange tailored classes and workshops just about anywhere. From beginner to those a bit more advanced, we can provide the photographic training you require.  

Cairns Photo Courses also offers personalised one-on-one photography tuition and North Queensland photographic tours. We also arrange gift vouchers for any of the courses, workshops, tours and one-on-one session.  

For more info on any of the photography courses, workshops, tours and tuition please check out the sections under "Photo Courses" or alternatively, you can go to the Cairns Photo Courses website: 

You can also email Andrew or phone 0401 666 921.