Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Arts

Exterior of Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Arts in Cairns at night showing LED digital facade

The refurbished arts centre with LED facade featuring digital artworks

Bulmba-ja is the new name for the refurbished Centre of Contemporary Arts (CoCA) building in Cairns.  Selected by the traditional owners of the region, the Yirrigandydji and Yindinji groups, the centre name means “house” and  will be used to showcase the unique stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Working with the project designers, Total Project Architects, we did the architectural and interiors photography of the building, highlighting the unique features of the redevelopment.  These included an innovative digital facade, bringing a dynamic way to display digital artworks.  Notably, there is also a new foyer straddling public and private space, flexible office space areas, landscaped breakout spaces and a ‘Big Verandah’ extending over the footpath, beneath a double height colonnade.  Utilising local timbers and indigenous plants, the centre has a reinvigorated feeling of warmth and space, meshing modern design with elements of ancient culture.

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