Mackillop College Stage 3

Earlier this month I returned to Mackillop Catholic College, this time to photograph the Stage 3 building completions for Peddle Thorp Architects.  The new additions to this growing campus include a new Welcome Centre (Block A), a Design, Arts Technology Centre (D.A.T.S. – Block J), a Learning Precinct Building (Block G) and a Sports Centre (Block L).

The D.A.T.S. building is a new secondary school ‘inovation precinct’ that incorporates multiple science labs, design and material workshops, visual arts studios, STEM spaces and food technology kitchens.  The Learning Precinct Building features agile learning spaces – ie. flexible classrooms that assist teachers to differentiate lessons and accommodate the different learning styles and needs of their students.

Capturing the architectural photography over the best part of a day, allowed sufficient time to get in and shoot the exciting new learning spaces in the best light, including some twilight shots.

Exterior of new school administration building with curved facade

The new Welcome Centre administration building – Block A


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