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Editorial Portrait Photography - Larry Abney of Cairns Taipans
Cairns Editorial Photography

Editorial Portrait Photography - Larry Abney of Cairns Taipans  


Editorial photography is about supporting the written word in a feature or article, providing a visual reference that draws the reader in. Ultimately though, good editorial photography should be able to stand alone, engaging the viewer and telling a story in as little as a single image.  

Editorial photography also requires a certain skill set: flexiblity to roll with whatever is thrown your way; good communication skills to get the best from people who aren't accustomed to being in front of the camera; and an ability to interpret and fulfil a brief in a creative fashion.  

Andrew has worked on commissioned assignment for local and national newspapers and magazines and is enthusiastic about every new project that comes his way. Every shoot is an opportunity to find a unique or interesting way to express a storyline, profile a character or document a way of life. Growing up in North Queensland, Andrew shares a passion for photographing the region's people, locations & lifestyles, but also travels further afield for photographic commissions. 

Check out some of Andrew's previous editorial portrait and magazine work in the "Portfolio & Galleries" section of this site.  


With the growing list of film & TV productions being filmed in Cairns and North Queensland, we are able to provide unit stills coverage for media, publicity and advertising.  

We have the specialist gear (inlcuding camera sound blimps and high-res digital equipment) and the experience to shoot stills for television commercials, films and TV productions.  

Click here for a gallery of Andrew's stills photography for TV. 

Some of the recent projects we've been involved in include: 

"My Kitchen Rules" episode for Seven Network 

"The Straits" series for Matchbox Pictures 

"Neighbours" episodes for Fremantle Media 

"Seven Wonders Campaign" for Tourism Australia 

"Inside Nature's Giants" TV episode for Channel 4, UK