Nature Play

Kids climbing a cargo net in an outdoor playground

Kids on the cargo net climb at Centenary Lakes Nature Play

Centenary Lakes Nature Play is a throwback to how kids used to play – exploring unhindered, challenging themselves and developing their sense of wonder through elements of the natural environment.  This ‘first of a kind’ project for the Cairns Regional Council wonderfully integrates creative play elements into tropical garden surrounds.  Kids can play and interact freely, inspired by elements such as rope climbs, balancing logs, stepping stones, cubby house builds, water pumps, dinosaur bone digs, fairy gardens, tunnel crawls and giants snake paths.

It was great fun to capture kids exploring this innovative playground as part of a photography shoot for its creators – a collaboration between local landscape architects, LandPlan, and PAWA Architecture.  The nature play concept supports unstructured outdoor play, which has been shown to have a positive impact on children’s cognitive and physical development. It focuses on enjoying the outdoors and exploring the simple wonders of the surroundings.

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